Get Your Meter In 60Days/Learn Ways On How To Apply For PREPAID Meter Online-You are here because you want to know how to pay for prepaid meter online and have it deliveryed to you in 60days.
Also you will be taught on how the prepaid meter works and why you are to go for meter instead of using a direct connection from the electric pole, because the prepaid meter is better.

So many people in Nigeria are not oaky with the rate at which bilss are given to them, yet the dont have a meter.Having the attitude that you need an association or know a laborer there before your demand can be allowed. Well in the wake of experiencing this page you will comprehend that it’s every one of the a misguided judgment of data.

We will be utilizing a type of question and replies to convey this data in full. Yet, you will complete one thing is valid, “Try to share this page on facebook, and other social stages to grow this mindfulness you are going to learn”. This will help illuminate everybody who is intrigued to Apply For Prepaid Meter On the web. Additionally to take in the means in doing that. In the interim, on the past post, we clarified a center distinction between Paid ahead of time and Post-paid meter – take in more here.

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What is a Prepaid Meter?

A prepaid meter essentially implies you pay as you go. We can too say its a procedure of recharching (purchasing) a measure of vitality you need to utilize or you feel will be sufficient for you. The amusing and fortunate thing about this bundle is that you have an aggregate control of how you utilize your vitality. For example; you can choose to off your vitality from perusing on the off chance that you would prefer not to use right then and there, or you are going for some days. Nobody will bring bills for you or detaching you from power source, WHY? Since you are utilizing a “Prepaid Meter”.

A few people energize (purchase) a huge sum that even goes on for more than 1month, 2months et cetera… Well, this will rely upon what you need and how you need it.

What Are The Necessities to Apply for A Prepaid Meter?

This is an extremely vital thing to ask on the grounds that not every person is qualified to apply for a prepaid meter. The necessities incorporate that;

  • you must have buildings or shops that you are applying the meter for.
  • you must already have an account.
  • your outstanding bills have to be cleared.
  • you need a connection to apply online.

Can an Occupant Single helpfully apply for his own meter?

Truly, an occupant can apply for his own meter. Regardless of whether you are an occupant in one shop, at least two, you can apply for it. Be that as it may, one thing remains here, which is; you are not permitted to evacuate tor take away the meter at whatever point you are pressing out of your occupant or shop. This is on account of it isn’t your property.

Do I pay any cash to Apply for Meter?

No, you don’t need to pay any cash. Keep in mind you are applying through as it were. SO nobody will ask for that you pay cash. Be that as it may, you ought to dependably keep up a dynamic record. Furthermore, pay up each exceptional bill.

As a House or Shop Proprietor, Would i be able to apply for each flat and shop I have?

Indeed, you have the choice to determine what number of you need, however the way it’s been done for the most part is, for example in a circumstance where you have up to 10 pads (or condos) in one compand – expecting its A Room-self contain and additionally A Room-and – Pallaw self-contain. Presently, FIVE prepaid meter might be issued to you.

This implies TWO pads to one meter every, which will be an aggregate of 5 for the 10 pads.

In any case, in another circumstance whereby the level is a solitary self-con then every falt will have their meter.

Step by step instructions to Apply For Prepaid Meter On the web

Use your mobile phone or PC to do this;

  • Visit the Pre-Paid Meter Online application portal on
  • Click on “Contact Us”
  • Select the option “Request for Pre-Paid Meter” by clicking the button.
  • Then you have the full form to fill out. Make sure to fill it out correctly

NOTE: The account number there is not a bank account, rather it is your meter or Energy account number. And when you want to enter your account number in the account number field below, you do not need to add the symbols, just insert the account number in full. e.g 51/43/14/1632-01 should be written as 514314163201.
Name: the name on the account or which the account bears.
Account: your EDDC account number.
Contact address: the house address you want to install the meter.
State: select which state you want to install the meter.
District: select the closest office around you, what is where your meter will be delivered to, before getting to you.

  • After confirming your information is correct and you are happy, click on “SUBMIT”

That is all, you have recently finished the procedure for asking for your Paid ahead of time Meter(s) On the web. Make certain that you will be reached at the earliest opportunity.

Which Occupants and Shops can Apply through the Connection above?

There are FIVE expresses that can apply through this connection. Ensure you have your working in Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi State before you can apply for meter on the web. This implies a proprietor or inhabitant from Lagos can’t have any significant bearing through the above connection, on the grounds that each state has their area and base camp.

To what extent Will it Take to Get the Prepaid Meter?

There is typically no particular time given for this, however you anticipate that your meter conveyed will you inside 60 working days. In any case, we have seen that shops get their meter speedier than flats, however we can’t completely tell how it resembles that.

Would i be able to purchase Vitality Revive Stick from Another State to Energize in Enugu and Abakaliki?

Indeed, it is conceivable since the stick number continues as before. it’s much the same as purchasing a MTN or Glo revive card in Lagos and sending the stick to somebody living in Enugu or Ebonyi State – the energize still works. So it is appropriate for this.

Only that there is no point purchasing from a separation of such on the grounds that the cost or bill for the revives continues as before thing all around. Unless you got a stolen Stick which is a criminal offense.

Imagine a scenario where my Meter creates issue would i be able to repair it?

It is critical for you to realize that it is a major offense (and an inexcusable one) in the event that you are abrupt moving to chip away at the meter. Consequently, when you end up in this circumstance influence a quick answer to any To eddc office or head office around you. Be that as it may, a Ruined meter isn’t repaired, rather they supplant it quickly.

Is Prepaid Meter Ajustable to peruse gradually?

This can prompt correctional facility, it is a criminal offense. Individuals have dependably trusted that meter is movable, yet toward its finish all cash paid for it is squandered, your meter can create issue from that point, and you can be captured for that if saw and affirmed by the EDDC advertiser that your meter was touched. Keep away from it!

Having known this, on the off chance that you believe despite everything you have things to ask at that point utilize the remark box beneath.


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